Here is how we are told to act. First, pick a box to get into, then do not think outside of it. Politics asside, we are taught to have these attributes. Don’t believe me? Look at the props in Sean Hannity’s show for starters. Themes of football, country music, trucking, and the open road.

Transportation = Public Transpo or Small cars
Music = Broadway/Big Band
Computer = Apple
Sport = Baseball or Basketball
Home = Live in the Big City

Transportation = Trucks
Music = Country Music
Computer = PC
Sport = NASCAR or Football
Home = Live outside the big city

They are teaching us our roles… pushing us into boxes that they can control. You want out of the box? Take the red pill.

This is quite possibly the most ridiculous assertion I have ever seen in an advertisement.

You didn't know - only PC's can fall off tables!

You didn't know - only PC's can fall off tables!

This commercial is yet another example of Apple’s dishonest advertising.  Guess what Mac lovers:  if you pull a power cord on a PC straight out, it comes out.  If you pull it out at an angle, it will jolt the computer.  If you pull the power cord on a Mac straight out, it comes out.  IF YOU PULL A MAC POWER CORD AT AN ANGLE IT COMES OUT TOO!

Now hear this: If you put something on a table, it might fall off.  It could be a bit of toast, it could be a puppy, it could be a pencil – it does not matter!  Anything can fall off of things!  PC’s – yes, they can fall.  APPLE computers can fall too!

Watch the video:

Don’t be brainwashed.

Another Shady Apple Add

December 13, 2008

Apple released an add that describes the process of holding up the phone to a radio, and the iPhone will tell you “what song is playing, and where to get it.”

Then they say “That’s the iPhone.  Solving life’s dilemmas, one app at a time.” which implies that when you don’t know what song is on the radio, Apple will come in and save the day.

This is a CLASSIC example of Apple deceiving the public and what is worse, people are believing it.  Ladies and gentlemen, what I am about to say may shock you.  THIS SOFTWARE HAS BEEN AVAILABLE FOR YEARS.  You can get it on an iPhone?  So what.  You could have had music discovery software on your Verizon Chocolate a long time ago, and I know people who did.

Apple did not invent this software just like they did not invent the smart-phone.  Shazam works on the Google Android and a number of other phones.  Don’t believe me?  Check out their website:

History of Shazam:

Apple has always been crafty about their adds.  I can’t say they are lying – they are not.  Shazam does work on the iPhone.  However, they make it sound like they invented it.  That’s dishonest and irresponsible and someone needs to hold these pirates accountable.

Don’t be brainwashed.

Think before you buy.

Think before you buy.