Another Shady Apple Add

December 13, 2008

Apple released an add that describes the process of holding up the phone to a radio, and the iPhone will tell you “what song is playing, and where to get it.”

Then they say “That’s the iPhone.  Solving life’s dilemmas, one app at a time.” which implies that when you don’t know what song is on the radio, Apple will come in and save the day.

This is a CLASSIC example of Apple deceiving the public and what is worse, people are believing it.  Ladies and gentlemen, what I am about to say may shock you.  THIS SOFTWARE HAS BEEN AVAILABLE FOR YEARS.  You can get it on an iPhone?  So what.  You could have had music discovery software on your Verizon Chocolate a long time ago, and I know people who did.

Apple did not invent this software just like they did not invent the smart-phone.  Shazam works on the Google Android and a number of other phones.  Don’t believe me?  Check out their website:

History of Shazam:

Apple has always been crafty about their adds.  I can’t say they are lying – they are not.  Shazam does work on the iPhone.  However, they make it sound like they invented it.  That’s dishonest and irresponsible and someone needs to hold these pirates accountable.

Don’t be brainwashed.

Think before you buy.

Think before you buy.

This is a spin-off of my personal blog. I’ve decided this topic necessitates it’s own blog. Here’s the basic idea:

We are exposed to over 5,000 a day – what’s even more frightening is that it’s working. No matter how little money we have in our lives, we STILL give money to the super rich every day. Sometimes it’s paying for an overpriced movie ticket. Other times it’s going to an athletic event or concert for a mega-artist. Meanwhile the things that truly matter in life are falling to the wayside. Consider this.

If you like football – play football with your family as opposed to giving more money to the ultra rich athletes.

If you like music – go to the local coffee shop or a concert for an artist who is not already rich.

If you like movies – support the local community theatre, local film festival, or independent theatre.

There is a misconception out there that the best entertainment comes from the big companies. Take a look at my previous post.  It lists studio films and independent films – I’m sure after reading it you’ll give independent films much more credit.  Don’t let the studios brainwash you.  The same applies to the music industry as well – overall, the mega-artists ARE NOT THE MOST TALENTED MUSICIANS – they are simply hotter.

This blog is designed to remind you that YOU are valuable.  YOU are an important contribution to this world and you have an obligation to see that in your neighbors as well.  It’s vital to our sanity, and to our souls that we stop idolizing studio-backed talent.