Tila Tequila – the best example. Talent is the least important thing.

December 30, 2008

Enter Tila Tequila. She was selected as a celebrity simply because she’s hot and her MySpace page was scandalous. Not so different from the sex tape celebrities, Tila Tequila has relatively no talent and no


Does not deserve your money.

reason to be celebrated as a “talent.” None the less she has been propelled to stardom. The question is: by whom? The answer is simple. Anytime there is an opportunity for someone to make money, they will lie cheat and steal to get it done. MySpace (therefore NewsCorp) makes money off Tila Tequila, and now Playboy, Penthouse, Maxim, etc have hopped on the Benjamin-lined band-wagon. They saw a terrific opportunity to make money and they did. It’s possible to get everything from Tila Tequila songs and videos to Tila Tequila clothing and underwear. This is someone who was plucked out of nowhere and made an international phenomenon. The celebrity system today operates like a cooperate fairground grabber. The industry has gotten so good at artificially creating talent through technology and marketing, they don’t even need talent anymore.


They need water and food.

They need water and food.

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